Sunday, 14 June 2015

My work on the Lunocet Monofin

For the past year and a half, I have been "involved" with the Lunocet Monofin. This is partially why my updates and posts have been somewhat scarce.

Initially I contacted the inventor and asked him if he would like me to test / review it.

I tested the 2014 Lunocet and provided my feedback.  It was not yet ready for Freediving.  It did not produce enough acceleration and freediving is all about acceleration... that's why we use a kick-glide or kick-kick-glide approach in dynamic.

For depth, we need acceleration as well for the descent (to overcome positive buoyancy) and then again at the bottom to overcome the negative buoyancy and get us back to the surface from a complete stop.

I wanted the IDEAL monofin for the freediver.  To me, if a monofin performed well, was comfortable, durable and broke down for easy travel... I would be in heaven.

Monofins are great... but conventional hyperfins are uncomfortable, fragile, and a BITCH to travel with.

I've worked with the inventor to modify the design and the current 2015 Lunocet Pro is the best monofin that I have used and is perfect for the travelling freediver.  We often travel to locations and vacations to places like Dahab Egypt, Long Island Bahamas, Roatan Honduras, Thailand, Bali, etc.  This design fits in your carry-on luggage or even a small purse / back pack!

Because it is made with rubber flukes, it is safe for pool use and will not hurt others divers if there was accidental contact - so the lifeguards / pool administration will likely not object and instead be really curious!

I have also started exclusively selling the Lunocet, since the inventor was good at manufacturing, CAD / CAM and engineering... and awful with customer service, etc.

You can see my site or even purchase one at my website for the Lunocet freediving monofin.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

When in doubt... use more lube!!!!

Lube. Critical to getting into an open-cell wetsuit easily and without damaging it.

I also use lube when getting into an internally nylon-lined suit as well, to make sure it gets a good / proper seating and is comfortable.

There are commercial wetsuit lube products available, but don't overcomplicate things.  Save your $$$.

I buy the cheapest hair conditioner (cream rinse) that I can find at the dollar store that I can stand the smell of.  I then put it in a bottle at approx 1:4 ratio (20% conditioner) and water.

Some people use a typical water bottle and swish it around in the suit before donning.

I previously used a typical spray bottle and spray the inside of the suit and sleeves down... then spray myself before slipping into the suit.  The problem is that these thin bottles would eventually crack and spill the lube when I needed it most... not to mention the mess it would make.

I have recently found the BEST wetsuit lube solution: a pump-action, pressurized, trigger-action spray bottle!

It is super robust, the spray can be adjusted from a steady stream to a very fine mist (and can really use the lube sparingly) and it holds a ton of lube (about 1L)!

This capacity is important, because when your dive buddies see it... they will all ask to use it.  

It cost me $3.50 at the same dollar store where I buy my 1L bottles of $2 conditioner.  :D

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nose clips

From left to right:
Apnea Academy, and Trygons.

Which noseclip to choose??  There are basically only 3 key factors for me... will it hold, is it comfortable and cost.

The Trygons is thick aluminum and is like a pair of vice-grips for your nose... it definitely holds, it's uncomfortable and it is on the expensive side.

The Apnea Academy is made of plastic, super light, holds well while dry... but the deer-hide pad slips for me when wet and is a fair price, but shipping can be expensive, depending on your location.

The noseclip is aluminum, comes in red, silver or blue and is much lighter than the Trygons.  It is comfortable, very reasonably priced and holds great wet or dry.

If I had to choose only one to buy for both dry training and wet (pool / depth) use, it would be the noseclip.  It has no weaknesses.

What does the Appneaddict use?
Since I have bought all 3 of these, I use the Apnea Academy one solely for dry use.  It is lightweight and has large pads which spread out the load.  This allows me to leave it permanently in my "breathing room" and never have to worry about taking it to the water with me.

For wet use, I modified the Trygons before I got the noseclip, because the pads that came with it kept coming off in the pool.

I put some Sugru silicone putty on the Trygons and let it cure.  I then lightly sanded it to remove the smooth surface and took a hacksaw blade and very lightly scored it to give it added traction / grip... like a tire tread to help displace water.

This is by far the most secure and comfortable noseclip, but it is a bit on the heavy side.  This is what I use in the pool and trust for competition use to prevent slipping.

Again - if I wanted to buy one noseclip that worked well / does it all... the one would be my choice, knowing what I know now.  The Trygons, plus shipping, plus Sugru, plus labour is well over $100, if I was recreating it.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

BEST cold-water mitts (only ships to Canada I think) makes incredible mitts designed for winter kayaking.

They are 5mm neoprene and pre-curved (to hold a paddle).

MEC Hot Mitts are lined inside and let a BIT of water in through wicking, but your fingers and hand warms up the liquid so much!  It's like finger soup!

I have tried 6mm gloves (every finger gets numb quickly) and even 6mm 3-finger "lobster-claw" gloves but with those, even the lone / individual finger gets numb.

These offer less dexterity, so if you might need to cut yourself away from entanglements, etc - think hard... but if you're in a controlled environment - these are GREAT!  I can use my camera, pinch my nose, etc. all fine.  LOTS of room to wiggle your fingers and keep them warm.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Who doesn't like a great bootie!?

The best neoprene sock / bootie on the market - the Argos 2mm sock.
It is super comfortable and are made both left and right foot specific. 

They are multi paneled an have a great slickskin ankle seal to keep water out:

The sole has GREAT traction with little rubber treads which REALLY stops the foot from moving while inside the fin:

I got mine at:

Also available at

Monday, 2 December 2013

Inexpensive low-volume mask found

I have seen this mask on eBay for several months and couldn't pass it up.  Also avail on Amazon:

It's a Mares Star copy and you can get it for like $15 plus shipping.
It's a steal for this price and VERY soft silicone which helps it compress with depth.

There's more volume than my Mystic or a micromask... but a GREAT mask nonetheless for a student, someone on a budget, as a backup or to give to a friend or local while on a vacation at a tropical destination!

They also have another mask called the Blue Isla marketed as low-volume as well.
The same company also sells very inexpensive prescription masks, for those with worse than 20/20!

Look at the softness of the silicone and flexibility / compressibility while I inhale!