Sunday, 14 June 2015

My work on the Lunocet Monofin

For the past year and a half, I have been "involved" with the Lunocet Monofin. This is partially why my updates and posts have been somewhat scarce.

Initially I contacted the inventor and asked him if he would like me to test / review it.

I tested the 2014 Lunocet and provided my feedback.  It was not yet ready for Freediving.  It did not produce enough acceleration and freediving is all about acceleration... that's why we use a kick-glide or kick-kick-glide approach in dynamic.

For depth, we need acceleration as well for the descent (to overcome positive buoyancy) and then again at the bottom to overcome the negative buoyancy and get us back to the surface from a complete stop.

I wanted the IDEAL monofin for the freediver.  To me, if a monofin performed well, was comfortable, durable and broke down for easy travel... I would be in heaven.

Monofins are great... but conventional hyperfins are uncomfortable, fragile, and a BITCH to travel with.

I've worked with the inventor to modify the design and the current 2015 Lunocet Pro is the best monofin that I have used and is perfect for the travelling freediver.  We often travel to locations and vacations to places like Dahab Egypt, Long Island Bahamas, Roatan Honduras, Thailand, Bali, etc.  This design fits in your carry-on luggage or even a small purse / back pack!

Because it is made with rubber flukes, it is safe for pool use and will not hurt others divers if there was accidental contact - so the lifeguards / pool administration will likely not object and instead be really curious!

I have also started exclusively selling the Lunocet, since the inventor was good at manufacturing, CAD / CAM and engineering... and awful with customer service, etc.

You can see my site or even purchase one at my website for the Lunocet freediving monofin.