Safety - Lanyards!

Safety is everything in freediving.

What's the point of a 100m dive... if you don't make it back to remember it and have others congratulate you??

As freedivers, we use a lanyard to connect us with the descent line so that we are always attached to it in case of an emergency where we have to be pulled up, in case of darkness or poor visibility, or just as piece of mind that we have not drifted away from our lifeline to the surface.


Most lanyards are a flexible cable and a carabiner that can wrap around the line and bind / cinch around the line or bottom knot / tennis ball / plate, etc.

I have found that by stiffening the clip end of the lanyard (with Sugru silicone or even electrical tape) and by semi-stiffening the cable, this issue is virtually eliminated and there is no difference in the feeling of the lanyard.

Note the backbone:

Sugru reinforced carabiner:

One lanyard with a full length parallel fibreglass reinforcing rod and another with a 1/3 length fibreglass tube to reduce tangles.

CNF prototype belt:


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