Where to buy equipment

Buying your freedive gear online is great for pricing and variety, however it has the significant drawback of allowing you to try on for fit, before you buy.
  • Scubastore.com – only place an order if the merchandise is currently in stock – otherwise be prepared to wait and deal with poor customer service with equally adept English / communication skills. I expect to double the sticker price when shipping, duties and taxes are all added up. 
  • LeisurePro.com - great New York based dive shop with excellent customer service. 
  • DiveStock.com 
  • SubProf.com - count on high shipping / duties from this overseas (European) company 
  • EqualPuck.com – Canadian UWH supplier - great prices on masks, snorkels, etc. 
  • Canamuwhgear.com - great prices on masks, snorkels, etc.

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